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Weekend rewind

My new firm hosts a race every year benefiting the USO and it just so happens that it was this past Saturday.  They have a 15k, 5k, and a kids fun run- which is cool, except my kids didn't think it was "fun" at  I should know better, my kids need a good 30 minutes to get warmed up/acclimated in new/different situations- and they certainly weren't prepared to have a bunch of strangers yelling at them/cheering them on as they walked a 1/2 mile!  I went with them, but they were not super excited about the "fun run."  Once that was over, they found some friends and cheered on everyone else, including daddy!  They were happy by the time one of our favorite mascots showed up.  

After the race on Saturday, we ran some errands and went to lunch and then came home for a family nap, it was amazing.  Saturday night we went to a couples baby shower for some dear friends, while the kids hung out down the street with friends and one of our favorite sitters:)

On Sunday, Mikey took the boys to Marvel Universe's superhero show- they LOVED it.  Collins and I had a girls day, shopping, lunch and then I took her and a friend to Hi Wire to jump.  We had a lazy Sunday evening, playing and watching some of the super bowl- wasn't too exciting this year!

Cheers to a new month!  


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Nashville recap

Well, we survived Nashville- barely;-). We left Thursday after work to drive to Nashville, we were lucky enough to get to crash at Mikey’s best friend’s house (even though he was out of town)- definitely makes the cost portion of a weekend in Nashville much more reasonable! Our purpose in going was to go to the Carolina/Vandy football game- and enjoy an adults only weekend while at it. We had TOO much fun. We ate some amazing food - Husk, The Southern, and Saltine were our tops, and danced the day away! 
We spent all day Friday on Broadway and all day Saturday eating/tailgating/gaming and then out in the area near Vanderbilt. It was a good mix. Next time I go though- I’m going to a show at the Ryman- that’s def a bucket list thing for me!

Until next time!


I guess that's what happens when I cram 569 pictures per post with barely any writing! 

We headed up to Greenville a few Fridays ago with friends for the Eric Church concert and it did not disappoint, a fun night out for all. 
Pretending that there aren't 7 kids going crazy on the front of the boat....  enjoyed a little cook out and hang out with these friends one Saturday night and took a little cruise as well- so thankful it's that time of year again!

They see me rollin..........

Mr. Cool

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I got to join my girl on her field trip the other day and it was so much fun!  This girl can be a DIVA, but she also LOVES her mama and I am fully taking advantage of the days where she still wants me around all the time.

Some girl friends and I took our kids to Disney on Ice the other night and it was wonderful as usual!  I've taken Collins twice, but this was the boys first time going and they LOVED it.  Like were in AWE the whole time. 

lazy lak…

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We celebrated our SEVEN year old all weekend long on her birthday weekend.  Lunch at school, family dinners/lunch, a roller skating birthday party, bounce house fun for Collins' special  night with the family, and TICKETS TO GO SEE JOJO SIWA!  Not sure she could have been more excited when she opened her birthday present!  We sure had a blast wishing our girl a happy birthday!!

Best gift ever.  (for a 7 year old)