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Birthday recap

We celebrated our SEVEN year old all weekend long on her birthday weekend.  Lunch at school, family dinners/lunch, a roller skating birthday party, bounce house fun for Collins' special  night with the family, and TICKETS TO GO SEE JOJO SIWA!  Not sure she could have been more excited when she opened her birthday present!  We sure had a blast wishing our girl a happy birthday!!

Best gift ever.  (for a 7 year old)

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Weekends and more

From Valentine's Day cuteness, early birthday celebrations, a fancy night out, lots of birthday parties, and a little mountain adventure with friends- we've sure been busy lately! 

My most precious little Valentine's!

Celebrating the birthday girl at school

From my girl- LOVE that sweet heart she has

American Heart Ball with my fav

We had FOUR birthday parties two weekends ago- WHEW!

Tiny dancer, loving her new unicorn leo she got for her birthday!

A little snuggle time with my boys

Friday night, Mikey headed up to Lake Lure with friends- I didn't go until Saturday morning- so I got to enjoy some sweet snuggles and movie time with these three on Friday.

Lake Lure fun while it was raining....

Steaks and circle of death...... as one does in your mid thirties....

Perks of kids getting older- it pains me, but is also helpful ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


To my girl,
I cannot even believe I have a beautiful SEVEN year old- you've been way too excited to grow up lately and it makes my mama heart hurt just a smidge.  As much as I LOVE watching you grow, it pains me to see it all happen so fast.  You continue to make your daddy and me so proud every day.  You are such a hard worker in all things - school, dance, art, you name it.  You are so focused and intent on learning and I just love watching your love of learning. You are constantly writing daddy and me sweet little notes, you love to write in journals and have gotten into bracelet making/art kits a ton! You are extremely well behaved OUTSIDE of the house (hint hint... can we work on that?!)...  but seriously, all of your teachers talk about how sweet and respectful you are and what a wonderful LISTENER you are- somehow that doesn't always transfer to the house and being a good listener for mama and daddy, but we still love you no matter what.  You are extremely sensitive and…


Always playing catch up around here!
As usual, we’ve been busy with lots of fun activities to enjoy!
Collins celebrated the 100th day of school
“Donuts with dad” - always love to see what the boys say!

Daddy daughter dance- such a sweet night!

My parents took the four younger grandkids to the circus the other weekend- they loved it! Mikey and I stayed home and started tearing down our old deck!! Woohoo for new projects!

Valentine’s day card making headquarters 

Every once in a while they sleep in the same bed;-)

We just came off of a BUSY weekend! We had four bday parties- Collins’ included!! It was non stop fun!
And now I need a nap- and someone to come clean my house! 
Happy Monday!