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Although the very first picture is a table full of cute and crazy girls, we had a ton of boys at the party too to celebrate our boys turning FIVE.  We had so much fun bringing in the WHOLE HAND birthday!  We rented an awesome water slide bounce house combo, and of course, had the lake for the kids to swim in too.  They all had a blast and it was chaos, but the boys definitely LIVED THEIR BEST LIVES that day!  Prepare for a full on post of party pics!

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These are the days.

Goodness gracious, I LOVE summer.  I talk it to death every year, but it is especially important to me during this season of life where the school year brings homework/schedules/strict bed times/extra curricular craziness- I appreciate the LAZY days of summer EVEN MORE. I've tried to be intentional about taking a half day here and there to soak up TIME with my babies.  Because Lord knows, they aren't babies for long.  (Yes, I'm referring to my 7 and 5 year olds as babies- #cantstopwontstop ) When we returned from our anniversary trip, we got back early on a Tuesday and used the rest of the day to spend quality family time together.  We took the kids to a local water park, this was all of our first time visiting- and we had a ball! 

 That same week, my girl and I dressed up and attended her very first company banquet for dance, too much fun!

 Lake days with friends are sooooo good for me- we've so enjoyed many of them this summer.

 Celebrating our NUMBER ONE's birt…

TEN years together

Mikey and I celebrated TEN years together on June 13- I don't know where the time goes, but it sure goes fast!  Marriage is beautiful, messy, hard, fun, complicated, and takes a LOT of work- but every day it is worth it.  We aren't perfect by any means, but every day we make the choice to be together and love and live life as one.  I'm constantly learning things about myself that I need to work on, but it is worth it to me to work on myself so that I can be the spouse I need to be.  I can't imagine NOT being with my guy, through good times and  bad- he's always the one I would choose to live this crazy life with.  Excited about the next ten years with him by my side, but gosh I hope they don't go by so fast.

We celebrated by sneaking off to Marco Island, Florida for a few days and it was so perfect.  The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed it just being the two of us.  We relaxed a lot, but also got in some adventure time for my non beach loving husband.  We m…