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still going.....

So much lake fun has been had....with friends and family. 

 End of first grade celebration, so proud of this sweet girl!

 We hosted a big shin dig at our house for my Grandfather's NINETIETH birthday celebration! It was so fun, and he definitely enjoyed it.

 My parents went and had lunch with their two first graders before the end of school, made their day for sure!
 A little baseball action...

 working hard!
 First and last day of first grade :-(


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2019 family Village Creek trip

Our 2019 summer family vacation was everything I could have asked for, and more!  This year, my parents and nephew joined us for the week so we had extra fun!  (and extra chaos of course, too!)  We did ALL the things, but yet also did ALL the relaxing. 

We arrived on G and T's actual, bday so we started our trip with a special birthday lunch in downtown Beaufort with just the boys since Collins rode down with my mom.  We also finally experienced the drive in movie that night for Toy Story 4 and it was AWESOME!

 We only had one day of cloudy weather so that was awesome!  We ventured to Bohicket Marina, Harbor Town, Harbor Island, Edisto Island, Botany Bay, our favorite sandbar AND downtown Beaufort by boat, we had a ball! 


I guess that's what happens when I cram 569 pictures per post with barely any writing! 

We headed up to Greenville a few Fridays ago with friends for the Eric Church concert and it did not disappoint, a fun night out for all. 
Pretending that there aren't 7 kids going crazy on the front of the boat....  enjoyed a little cook out and hang out with these friends one Saturday night and took a little cruise as well- so thankful it's that time of year again!

They see me rollin..........

Mr. Cool

Sweet friends enjoying a playdate

I got to join my girl on her field trip the other day and it was so much fun!  This girl can be a DIVA, but she also LOVES her mama and I am fully taking advantage of the days where she still wants me around all the time.

Some girl friends and I took our kids to Disney on Ice the other night and it was wonderful as usual!  I've taken Collins twice, but this was the boys first time going and they LOVED it.  Like were in AWE the whole time. 

lazy lak…


Although the very first picture is a table full of cute and crazy girls, we had a ton of boys at the party too to celebrate our boys turning FIVE.  We had so much fun bringing in the WHOLE HAND birthday!  We rented an awesome water slide bounce house combo, and of course, had the lake for the kids to swim in too.  They all had a blast and it was chaos, but the boys definitely LIVED THEIR BEST LIVES that day!  Prepare for a full on post of party pics!