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2019 family Village Creek trip

Our 2019 summer family vacation was everything I could have asked for, and more!  This year, my parents and nephew joined us for the week so we had extra fun!  (and extra chaos of course, too!)  We did ALL the things, but yet also did ALL the relaxing. 

We arrived on G and T's actual, bday so we started our trip with a special birthday lunch in downtown Beaufort with just the boys since Collins rode down with my mom.  We also finally experienced the drive in movie that night for Toy Story 4 and it was AWESOME!

 We only had one day of cloudy weather so that was awesome!  We ventured to Bohicket Marina, Harbor Town, Harbor Island, Edisto Island, Botany Bay, our favorite sandbar AND downtown Beaufort by boat, we had a ball! 

 My dad got some AMAZING fireworks and we had a little show for the culdesac, so much fun!!

 Mikey and I even got to sneak out one night for a date night, headed to our fav, Saltus.

 We also enjoyed plenty of lazy mornings, golf cart rides, bike rides, time spent rocking on the porch and fishing on the dock!

 Always goes by TOO fast!


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So my baby girl lost her very first tooth while we were in Nashville- and she suddenly looks 10- ugh. She was SO flippin’ excited though. That “Mimi” tooth fairy was extra kind;-) and noted- she didn’t even realize it was gone- we were FaceTiming her and Mikey and I noticed it- so she either swallowed it or it came out in the ball pit at a gymnastics bday party she was at that day! That’s why she wrote “I think I lost my tooth”... We spent Sunday evening cruising and tubing- not many of these days left this year.  I mean- have you ever?! Not sure why they don’t make uniforms to fit FOUR year olds- but they still look pretty cute! C’s elementary school had Grandparents day last Friday and ALL of her grandparents were there this year- lucky girl.  Happy hump day!! 

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